Chicken malai tikka or Murg malai tikka is boneless chicken cubes (referred to as boti or tikka) marinated in cream (called malai) and Indian spices. Malai tikka is a creamy milder model of conventional spicy red Chicken tikka.
Tender succulent Chicken:
The Chicken needs to be marinated with a tenderizer like uncooked papaya or meat tenderizer. If you could plan pretty in advance and marinate for 12-16 hours in the fridge, then you can consider skipping meat tenderizer. You can without difficulty adapt this recipe for any chicken cut, boneless chicken cubes, and Chicken leg or Chicken chest are popular.
Creamy factor AKA malai:
For the creamy element, the cream is added, for the extra deliciousness factor cream cheese or milk powder, or different cheese is added. Greek yogurt or thick yogurt also offers you a creamy and tangy flavor.
Fragrant spices and flavors:
Roasted cumin powder, garlic, onion, green chili are necessary for malai boti marinade. What makes this recipe taste just like a restaurant is Chicken bullion or cubes. Most meals that are served at restaurants have taste enhancers like MSG. By using Chicken cubes, you can get the same taste. You could use MSG-unfastened Chicken cube or Chicken powder or skip it altogether with a little compromise on the flavor.
This is an easy and short recipe this is delicious and outstanding for weekday meals.
Steps to make Chicken malai tikka boti:

  1. Wash and pat dry chicken cubes. (if you are using chicken breast, wash and pat dry chicken breast first after which cut into 1-inch cubes.)
  2. Put the first set of ingredients and mix well. ( the tenderizer needs a minimum of 45 minutes to work so the concept is to use the tenderizer and available spice as soon as possible to save time.)
  3. Then assembled the closing elements that needed cutting. I blended it with yogurt, cream cheese, and cream and added this marinade also to the chicken.
  4. Mix properly and marinate Chicken for a total of 45 minutes at the least or 2 hours ideally. You can marinate it up to 12 hours ahead and store it inside the fridge.
  5. Thread the Chicken on the wooden skewers.
  6. Fry Chicken malai tikka skewers in a nonstick pan. Heat oil and put the tikka skewer inside the oil. Cover the skewers with a lid and let them cook for 3-4 mins on medium flame. Then remove the lid and cook on excessive warmth for 1-2 minutes until water dries and tikka are gently golden.
  7. Serve immediately, or you could smoke for two mins red hot charcoal and drizzle of oil and serve. (Try to prepare a serving plate with veggies and heat the charcoal ahead of frying so you can smoke and serve at once.)

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