Chicken Samosa

What are samosas?

Samosas are fried or baked pastry which has savory or sweet fillings in them. There are specific methods you may fold a samosa. The most popular ones include the triangles, moon fashioned or boxed. You can both make the wrapping pastry from scratch or use ready-made sheets. This recipe uses ready-made samosa sheets.


Chicken tikka filling

Chicken – For this recipe, you need boneless chicken fillets, thighs, or breasts. If you are making it with ordinary bone-in chicken, make sure to pick out up all of the bones before shredding the chicken.

Chicken tikka spice mix – You can also use your homemade Chicken tikka spices to season and flavor this recipe. However, you can additionally use the ready-to-use spice mix available at most grocery shops. Follow the instructions on the box and just add a further half tsp of salt and 1/2 cup extra yogurt to the marinade to compensate for the additional onions and mint that are going to go within the filling.

Cream – This recipe needs approximately a dollop of cream. You can use any cream available to you, which includes the canned ones, fresh, tetra pack, or cooking creams.

Onions and mint – The onions help in forming the bulk of the filling so that you can make more samosas.

Charcoal – A small piece of coal to provide that smoky taste to the tikka chicken filling. If you are touchy to smoke, you can also use 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke. It is basically a smoke essence that you may use with ease to flavor your dishes.


Flour slurry – you need a DIY edible glue to hold the folded samosa edges intact. A mixture of flour and water is the most famous choice, but you could also use simply water as properly. In my point of view, I prefer flour slurry because I feel it flows into small nooks and seals those nicely.

Samosa wrappers – These are lengthy square dough sheets that are without difficulty available in south Asian or Mediterranean stores. You can additionally make them at home if you are willing to put in the effort. You can also use square spring roll sheets and reduce them into 3 strips. Every strip may be used to fold samosas. Here in the Middle East, the brand that I referred to switz which is way better than others brands in the market. Grill the marinated fowl portions in a pot or on a pan at low flame simply. Add 1/2 cup of water as nicely toward the give up. Cook the chicken covered and pierce the portions to test if they are cooked.

Now put off the portions of soft chicken in a bowl and shred them. You can use a hand mixer to does the task within 2 minutes. Now come back to the pot with another tablespoon of oil and upload in your onions, mint, and leftover tikka marinade. You need to cook these for approximately 10 mins at the low flame or till all the water from the onions has dried out.

Add the shredded Chicken again within the onions with a chunk of cream and mix nicely. Now heat up a few coals on the stove and take it to the chicken with a tablespoon of oil on top of the coal and covered it for approximately 10 minutes. This gives your filling a pleasing smoky taste. After your filling cools down, you begin assembling. You’ll need your samosa wrappers, your flour and water slurry, a plate coated with foil to place all the folded samosas in, and some more foil.

Cooking method:

Now you can decide if you want to fry them without delay or freeze them for a later. To freeze, put the samosas inside the freezer and after they harden up you may place them in a ziplock lower back and store them.

Frying – simply warm a few vegetable oils (or any oil of your choice) and shallow fry the samosa at medium flame until golden on both sides. Remove them and vicinity them on towel papers to blot any extra oil.

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