Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Dahi Bhalla is also known as Dahi Baray is the favorite dish equally among the young and the adult. It is famous street food available in every area.
It can be used as an appetizer or an evening snack with tea. It can be served along with papdi, and imli chutney.it is not complete without crispy papdi, fresh salad, and spicy chaat masala. Dahi Bhalla goes best for iftars in Ramadan.
Here is the recipe for spicy street-style Dahi Bhalla:
This recipe consists of four main steps. Preparation of Bhallas, soaking of Bhalla, Dahi Bhalla chaat yogurt, and assembling of Dahi Bhalla chaat.
To make Bhalla (baray):
1) 1/2 cup Dal mash (urad dal- soak for 3 to 5 hours)
2) 1/2 cup dal Moong (soak for 3 to 5 hours)
3) 1 tsp ginger paste
4) 1 tbsp green chilies (chopped)
5) 1 tsp red chilies (chopped)
6)1 tsp salt (according to taste)
7) 1 tsp Baking soda
8) 1 tsp cumin seeds
9) 2-4 tbsp water

Soaking of Bhalla (baray):
1) 1 cup lukewarm water
2) 1-2 tablespoon salt
3) 1.5 cup yogurt
4) 1-2 tsp red chili powder
5) 1 tsp salt or as needed
6)1 tsp cumin
7)1 cup milk
Dahi bhalle chaat yogurt:
1) 1 kg yogurt (4 cups)
2) 2 tbsp sugar
3) 1-2 tsp salt
Assembling of Dahi Bhalla chaat:
1) Sweet tamarind (imli) date chutney
2) Mint coriander chutney
3) 2 big sized potatoes (boiled and cut into small cubes)
4) 1/4 cup cabbage (sliced)
5) 1/4 cup onion (cut into small pieces)
6) 1/2 cup phulki (gram flour dumplings)
7) Papdi
8) Pomegranate
9) Chaat masala
10) Coriander (chopped)
Preparation of Bhalla batter:
Take a large bowl. Soak the lentils (Dal mash and Dal moong) in enough water for about 3 to 5 hours.
Drain the soaked lentils and grind them in the blender. Also add ginger, salt, red chili powder, green chilies, and water. Blend them until smooth.
Transfer the batter to a large bowl. Add 1 tsp of baking soda and blend it further using a hand beater to make it light and airy.
Drop a small amount of batter in cold water. If it floats, it means the batter is ready.
Making of round bhallas:
Make the round bhallas from Bhalla batter. Leave it for some time. You can fry or steam these bhallas.
Take a big pot. Put some water in the pot and bring it to a boil. Once it is boiled, let it simmer for some time. Now place the steamer in the pot.
Place the round bhallas in the steamer. Let it cook for 5-10 mins. The Bhalla’s surface will start rising. Insert the toothpick to check if the Bhalla is cooked or not. If it comes out clean, it means that Bhalla is cooked.
Heat the oil in a cooking pot on medium flame. Fry the steamed round bhallas until golden brown on both sides. Transfer them to a dish and let them cool completely.
Soaking of Bhallas:
Soak the steam-fried bhallas in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes. The Bhallas will become soft and double in size.
Prepare the flavored yogurt by mixing red chilies powder, cumin powder, milk, and salt.
After 20 minutes, take out the bhallas from the warm water, press them to squeeze extra water, and transfer them to the flavored yogurt. Refrigerate it for 20 mins.
Assembling of Dahi Bhalla chaat:
Take about 4 cups of thick yogurt. Add salt and sugar and whisk it properly.
Add boiled potatoes (cut into small cubes) and phulki in the whisked yogurt and mix.
Pour half yogurt into the serving dish. Take out bhallas from the refrigerator and place them in the serving dish one by one. Pour the remaining yogurt over the Bhallas in the serving dish.
Add mint coriander chutney and sweet tamarind date chutney. Also, sprinkle chaat masala powder over it.
Garnish with onion, cabbage, papdi, pomegranate, and fresh coriander. Serve and enjoy.
while grinding the lentils, do not add too much water. Add a little amount of water to make a thick paste of pouring consistency.
Bhallas should be soaked twice. Once in lukewarm water to make them soft and then in flavored yogurt to make them flavorful.
Chaat masala gives a spicy and smoky flavor to your bhallas.
For making the vegetables fresh for salad, soak them in chilled water after cutting.
How to store Bhallas (baray)?
As the making of bhallas is a time-consuming process. It can also store for 4-5 days. For this, store them in an air-tight zip lock bag for 4-5 days and also freeze them for up to 1 month.

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