Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a sweet that is popular in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India. In this recipe, khoya AKA mawa is used to made gajar ka halwa. Khoya is commonly solid crumbled milk made by evaporating milk until almost solid. You can find the recipe of khoya on Spice up the curry blog. (I used store-bought khoya, also spelled as khoa and khova. It is easily available on any Indian/ Pakistani Sweetshop.) Gar halwa served on a plate with khoya and nuts garnished on top.
Gajar means carrot in Hindi and Urdu that is the main ingredient, gajar halwa is more traditionally described as Indian carrot pudding garnished with nuts ad dry fruits. The main ingredients to make this halwa are fresh carrots, milk, sugar, and ghee. If you wanted to make halwa with milk, it may take a lot of time. So to reduce cooking time, We are using khoya in this recipe. And this is a similar method used by most commercial restaurants. So, it is also called a restaurant/ sweet shop style halwa.

Procedure to make gajar ka halwa:
Step 1: Wash and peel carrots. To peel scrape the carrots with the edge of the knife to clear away thin roots and little skin. (No need to use a peeler or remove too much skin).
Step 2: Shred carrots. you can also finely chop carrots in a food processor. Now, It is not a traditionally used technique, I do not endorse it.)
Step 3: Heat desi ghee or butter in a wok or thick-based skillet and add cardamom powder, give it a stir. (You may use 3-4 full cardamoms however crush it to open the pod skin for superior flavors.)
Step 4: Next, goes in shredded carrots. The pot is completely covered and cook for 5-10 minutes until it became soft.
Step 5: The color of the carrot changes, it becomes soft and reduced in quantity.
Step 6: Put milk and sugar. The sugar will start melting and there may be a lot of liquid within the pot. cover the lid and cook for 15-25 minutes on medium flame until water dries. Keep stirring at intervals.
Step 7: Now, the maximum of the water has dried. You’ll note a few oil isolating at this point.
Step 8: At this stage, add 1/2 of crumbled khoya and mix nicely. Add nuts and raisin to carrot halwa.
Step 9: Cook for 5-7 minutes till oil separates lavishly. Be attentive after this point as halwa can effortlessly get burnt after adding khoya. So cook on low flame or hold a griddle / Tawa below your pot. Stay alert!
Steps 10 and 11: In a pan, dry roast nuts till crispy.
Step 12: Add the rest of the khoya, roasted nuts, and soaked raisins to the pot. Cover the lid and cook for five to ten minutes. Stir carefully without over blending the khoya.

Before serving, you can garnish it with remaining nuts and khoya to make it more delicious

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